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Sustainable development

Sustainable development is an important issue for the ATUQ. To this end, it helps its members play a key role in sustainable development and offers them the tools they need to adopt sustainable behaviours with respect to the environment, the economy and society in general, and to implement sustainable practices.

The following actions summarize the ATUQ’s sustainable development approach:

Sustainable development committee

In 2007, the ATUQ’s Board of directors established a sustainable development committee comprised of representatives from each transportation organization. This committee’s mandate is to promote sustainable development among member organizations, foster the sharing of related knowledge and best practices and support transportation organizations that are willing to undertake or expand a sustainable development approach.

The committee prepared the Sustainable Development Charter, which was adopted in 2010 by the ATUQ’s Management committee. It also undertook initiatives designed to support the sustainable development approach adopted by the different organizations.

Adherence to the UITP’s Sustainable Development Charter

In 2010 and 2013, the ATUQ signed the Sustainable Development Charter of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP). This is a voluntary commitment on behalf of the UITP members (which include the ATUQ and its members). The program of the UITP’s Sustainable Development Charter is recognized worldwide and is considered as a key step in motivating the public transportation sector and spurring greater awareness of the public transportation organizations’ contribution to the achievement of international objectives.

A coaching service inspired by the BNQ 21000 Approach

In 2012, the ATUQ’s sustainable development committee determined that the transportation organizations should benefit from a coaching service inspired by the BNQ 21000 Approach. This provided a real boost to the sustainable development approach initiated by the organizations and allowed for the clear delineation of the issues and priorities inherent to each organization.

Publication of the ATUQ’s first sustainable development report!

In 2013, the ATUQ published its first sustainable development report, which underscores the ATUQ’s and its member organizations’ significant contribution to social, environmental and economic issues. The report represents a turning point for the sustainable development approach initiated by the ATUQ and allows for a scalable perspective on the transportation organizations’ sustainable initiatives. Executive summaryFull report (French only).

The ATUQ Special mention for sustainable development aims to recognize success!

In 2014, in order to communicate and promote the best practices and efforts deployed by the public transportation organizations to promote sustainable development, the ATUQ created the ATUQ Special mention for sustainable development. The winners of the first edition were given the privilege to present their project at the ATUQ’s 2014 conference. This exceptional venue allowed them to communicate their projects to the conference participants, thereby benefitting from increased visibility. The ATUQ Special mention for sustainable development is awarded by a jury whose members are experts in the field of sustainable development and who must respect duly established selection criteria. You may access the Special mention page by clicking here.