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Promoting public transportation

The ATUQ’s priorities include the promoting of public and active transportation among the different Quebec society stakeholders, in order to communicate their inherent advantages to the public at large. To this end, the ATUQ organizes specific events and activities, in addition to developing pertinent arguments and publishing information through its various channels. In concrete terms, the ATUQ is involved in the following activities:

Annual conferences

Each year, the ATUQ organizes a conference which brings together people working in the public transportation, sustainable development and sustainable mobility fields. Speakers from Quebec and abroad come to share their experiences and vision with the participants. The program also includes a banquet dinner followed by a gala reception, where the Antoine-Grégoire and Recognition prizes are awarded. Read more about the most recent editions of the ATUQ’s annual conference.

Press releases

The ATUQ issues press releases to present its activities or to defend its positions with respect to public affairs. List of press releases (in french only).

The Point commun, our bimonthly bulletin

Every two weeks, the ATUQ publishes the Point commun, an electronic newsletter, for its members and partners. It examines up-to-date news in the fields of public transportation and sustainable development and mobility. Discover and subscribe to the Point commun (in french only).

Social media

The ATUQ has set up a Twitter account as well as a LinkedIn account in order to share any current information promoting the public transportation organizations or news dealing with sustainable development and mobility.

Virtual library

To facilitate the dissemination of information on all the topics related to public transportation, the ATUQ shares, via its virtual library, close to 1,000 documents. While the great majority of the titles are available to the public at large, ATUQ members also have access to many additional documents. Discover the ATUQ’s virtual library.

Collaborations, partnerships and references

As the ATUQ favours synergy and partnerships, it lends its expertise to certain organizations and is considered as a reference. The ATUQ establishes partnerships at the local, provincial and international levels and it is involved in the organization of numerous events. It also interacts and shares information with organizations from various sectors, in addition to promoting their activities. Learn more about the ATUQ’s partners and collaborators.

Commercialization and marketing committee

The main objective of this committee is to oversee the exchange and sharing of experience between public transportation organizations in terms of communications, marketing and commercialization, in an effort to promote public transportation in Quebec.